Warble Online Gift Registry

Are you expecting? Celebrating a birthday? We’re making it easier for you to celebrate with your loved ones!

Introducing Warble Online Gift Registry!


Customers must register for an account in order to create a gift registry. Once you have logged in, visit “My Account” then choose “My Gift Registry”.

Please fill in your registration info. You may also add a Co-Registrant to help manage your registry.

As the registry owner, you may set the privacy mode for the gift registry. For Public registries, anyone with the link can access. For Private, a password will be set and required to see the gift registry.

With regards to quantity of gift registry items, you have the following options:

  • Drop-down list: Your friends must purchase within the “desired quantity” (ie: Desired quantity = 10; buyers can purchase maximum 10 units of that product)
  • Text field: Your friends can purchase more than the “desired quantity”.(ie: Desired quantity = 10; buyers can purchase more than 10 units of that product)

Once information is completed, you will be able to manager your registry in the “My Gift Registry” page.

Adding Products

Registry’s owner can add, remove the item(s) from the list. He/she can also set the priority for each item as well as the desired quantity.

Sharing your Registry

You may share your gift registry URL via the link, social media or email. The link can be found in your “My Gift Registry” tab in “My Account”.

Purchasing from a Gift Registry

Customers can use the filter to sort the gift list by desired quantity, priority or price.For the drop-down list, when the quantity is out, the Add to cart button will be disabled so that customer cannot purchase that product for the gift registry anymore. 

In your Cart, you will have 2 options at checkout. You can checkout the gifts for the registrant, or you can change gifts for regular purchase. The difference is delivery address. Checkout must be per gift registry, multiple registries cannot be combined.

On cart page and checkout page, the registry information  will be displayed in each product so customers can know which registry they are buying for. Customers can also leave a message to the registrants.

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